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GUI-Based Management

Graphical User Interface, or GUI, as it is referred to in the tech world, allows technicians to configure and monitor the network with clicks instead of code, check network alerts, change settings, or set a DMZ with a single click.



All Features Included

AccessEnforcer has one level of licensing: all-inclusive. You get every feature for one price. You do not have to pay more for web filtering or intrusion prevention. You do not have to manage multiple licenses. AccessEnforcer includes everything.


Firewall Security

UTM Firewall

A managed firewall with deep packet inspection that blocks threats to your network before they can cause harm. Prevent scans, spoofing, SYN floods, DDoS attacks, fragmentation attacks, and more automatically.


Automatic Updates

Unlike some of our competitors, our solution updates every day automatically. The latest tactics for hacking, malware, and spam are blocked hands-free, so your network stays secure.



HIPAA compliance

AccessEnforcer helps check off HIPAA requirements from your list, including risk and vulnerability management, protection from malicious software, and information access management. You can even isolate healthcare clearing house functions on your network with a few simple clicks.

See how AccessEnforcer fits HIPAA

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Make it
easy & affordable

Small healthcare offices do not need a complicated security tool that is designed for an enterprise. Calyptix only serves small and medium-size networks, so you can get powerful security that fits your network and your budget.


Improve uptime
and reliability

AccessEnforcer helps keep your network responsive and reliable. Ensure your VoIP phones have great call quality and prevent resource-hungry activities like video streaming from slowing your network. You can even block time-wasting websites such as social networks and shopping sites to keep your staff focused.