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Sometimes a phone system rental is the perfect option.  No contract, no maintenance, and no large out of pocket cost.  After 5 years you are eligible for a free phone system refresh (new phones).

Our rental systems are like new.  Our most common rental package is only $95 dollars per month.  

A typical install cost is about $500 dollars, then you rent the phone system month to month.  You never have to take on the responsibility or cost for maintenance, repair, or replacement.  You can even buy the system out right at anytime during your rental process.

If you don't want to rent but still don't want to put a large portion of your cash toward a phone system, then look at a hosted solution.  Hosted solutions are all Voice over IP based, meaning they use the internet and your data network for all of the calling.  This means you don't need to order ANY dial tone from the phone company.  You get your phones and just plug them into a data connection.

The cost to the hosted system is more than a rental, but it ends up being cheaper in the long run.

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