Whether you’re a small non-profit or a multi-national corporation, you’re probably going to need a phone system.  A phone system provides features such as voice mail, call transfer, paging, conference calling and – depending on the system – much more.  There are lots of options available from enterprise scale Cisco-based systems to small open source Asterisk-based boxes and lots of options in between.  You also need to decide between an on-site solution where a PBX is actually installed at your site or a hosted solution where your phones simply plug into a network connection and you communicate exclusively over VoIP.

Enterprise solutions, such as Cisco, offer robust, scalable, well-known and well-supported systems.  However, these types of systems are often very costly and need to be deployed and maintained by a certified professional.  Smaller systems such as Toshiba and Avaya are great options for small businesses.  They offer great reliability, excellent support and a set-it-and-forget-it type setup.  These systems still need to be installed and configured by a professional, but once the initial programming is finished, you may never need to touch it again.  Their downfall is in scalability; once you need more phones, lines or features, the cost begins to rise sharply.

The best option that we support, offering a blend of scalability, support, features and cost is 3CX.  While they may not have the name recognition of Cisco or Toshiba, they provide an excellent product that is feature-rich out of the box with the scalability to serve small offices with half a dozen phones or large corporations with thousands of phones across multiple sites.  Configuration and installation still requires a professional, but with the right training the system can pretty easily be managed by already existing staff members.  3CX also supports both VoIP and traditional analog lines either separately or side-by-side.

If you’re a small business or organization looking for rock-solid reliability with basic features and analog lines, Toshiba is a great solution.  If you want a system that can easily grow with your business, has tons of features and supports both VoIP and analog, 3CX is an excellent choice.  Kingdom Communications can guide you in your decision-making and deploy the best solution to meet your needs.